Vacation Bible School

Image credit: Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash | An example of how to accept online registrations for a vacation bible school with Event Espresso.

The WaitList Manager will work for you 24/7 to collect registrations. Per se, for Event A, the total headcount is 15. If you completed 15 headcounts for Event A and other people want to register for Event A, the Wait List Manager will help you to collect the registration. If someone cancels, automatically the next person on the registration list will receive an email confirmation to confirm the registration. 

The Attendee Mover will help you move the attendee to another date or time slot in case they cannot attend the original event date or event they chose. In that way, you can open a slot to the original date and reschedule them at their own available time or date slot. 

The Recurring Events Manager will help you put your events on autopilot by scheduling your events weeks or months in advance.  It will help you and the attendees to schedule future events that can open and close the registrations.

Details Price Qty
Young Adult registrationshow details + $0.00 USD  
Class Ashow details + $0.00 USD  
Class Bshow details + $0.00 USD  
Class Cshow details + $0.00 USD  
Class Dshow details + $0.00 USD  

Sunday, November 13 and November 30 services

We’ve made it easy for you to pre-register for our next church service. During registration, we’ll collect details to meet Covid-19 guidelines.

What to expect next after you register:

✓ A free event ticket will be sent to you to confirm your spot. It will be used for a fast and contactless event check-in.
✓ Hand sanitization stations are available throughout the building.
✓ Masks are required. (We’ll have extras available).

Details Price Qty
9 am serviceshow details + $0.00 USD  
11 am serviceshow details + $0.00 USD  

Wellness retreat

Details Price Qty
Workshop Packageshow details + $150.00 USD  / bundle 
Healthy Eatingshow details + $75.00 USD  
Yogashow details + $75.00 USD  
Meditationshow details + $75.00 USD  
Retreat T-shirtshow details + $15.00 USD  

Trunk or Treat

Image credit: Centerpoint Church | Here is an example of a display-only event that shows details about an event without online registrations.

Tampa Greek Festival

Image credit: Tampa Greek Festival | Here is an example of a display-only event that shows details about an event without online registrations.

Annual retreat

Details Price Qty
Married couplesshow details + $150.00 USD  / bundle 
Adultshow details + $100.00 USD  
Studentshow details + $75.00 USD